During my first year of university, I have decided to explore my options and to try something new! 
  The reason why I applied for the volunteer program within AIESEC was because I wanted to experience a completely different culture and step outside of my comfort zone doing something I’ve never done before. 

After searching for a program that was suitable for me, I ended up spending six weeks in Turin, Italy living the experience of a lifetime! 
  I have never been to Europe before and it was definitely a new experience for me! My volunteer internship was at an NGO called Mirafiori, which they provided affordable housing for international students. 

 My responsibilities included making promotional material and fundraising for them.
 The entire internship provided me opportunities to learn and grow and when I was able to see my final product, it was extremely rewarding. My exchange to Italy has been one of the most life-changing moments in AIESEC. A specific moment that stood out to me was when I first met my host family. The family greeted me with such warmth and comfort that even though I was away from home, I immediately felt a sense of belonging.


Through all the hardships in my internship my host family has always been there for me. With the love and care that they provided me, I can genuinely say that I have a second home in Italy