I am so lucky to get this valuable opportunity to visit this amazing country, Chile. Since the first day arriving at the airport, I received warm welcome from everyone here I met: the AIESEC IGCDP team, my host family, other volunteers, English teachers I worked with and the lovely students. The AIESEC CONCEPCION gave me huge support in Chile. They helped me settle down in a quite different cultural environment, introduced the culture to me and kept track of my volunteer work. I’m glad to meet them and build strong network in this country. My family also supported me a lot. Although we may not communicate with each other fluently because of the language difference, they tried their best to talk with me and provide anything they could help with me. They brought me to explore the city Concepción and travel to another city during one weekend. My work here is teaching English in a local school. I was so nervous when I was going to meet the classes (I taught 8 classes in total). But the students’ warm welcome relieved me much. They are curious about myself and my hometown China. So they asked questions in English, using the most they have learned. On the last day of school, they showed their gratitude that I helped a lot for their English study, which made me sad to leave them. I met other volunteers too, who are from other parts of the world. We often got together and share every week’s happiness staying in Chile. This experience is such an unbelievable one, for I explore different possibilities of myself to survive in a new environment. In addition, I develop my communication skills and abilities to meet and solve challenges. I cherish the friendships with every friend there. Thank you AIESEC for linking the world together and letting me go far away to see a bigger world.

with my dear family


Hiking with other volunteers, we also met Spanish girls who were working here.

with my cute students!


global village (introduction to own countries) with English teachers and some students!

Yiyun Wang