Global Leaders Program

AIESEC’s Global Leader program is an experiential learning and development platform created for youth, by youth. We are a global movement of “do-ers”, giving those who participate in our programs – Global CitizenGlobal Talent, and Global Internship Program – the unique advantage of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

AIESEC UBC members at National Leadership Development Conference 2015 hosted in Calgary, Alberta.

Our generation has the opportunity to build a world filled with opportunities for all that live in it. The youth of today needs practical experience, an international mindset, and leadership skills.

Our organization is run through five portfolios that provide our members with teamwork opportunities.

Talent Management

  • Develop and train the global leaders of tomorrow, drive organizational impact, and deliver hands-on leadership training for students. Ensure the talent development and management of human resources to help support their contribution to our core Global Internship Program

Marketing & Communications

  • Amplify the reach of a global nonprofit’s vision and mission through digital and traditional marketing tactics that connect our audiences to our programs. Increase the brand awareness within your campus to help grow the the numbers of students participating in the Global Citizen and Talent program.

Outgoing Exchange

  • Enable global impact by managing the Global Talent and Citizen program that helps sends students abroad. Gain hands on experience in developing, managing and supporting the exchange experiences for students. Bridge international and local relations to facilitate the placement of global opportunities for students at your university and witness their development.
AIESEC Executive Board members signing the Coastal MoU contract.

Incoming Exchange

  • Grow the numbers of local businesses we partner with to enable international talent to work in Canada. Develop yours sales, business relations and account management skills. Challenge and advance your ability to bridge the Global Talent Program within the business community.


  • Deepen your knowledge of financial management and create organizational impact using financial means. Manage the financial health and integrity of your local committee to ensure it can continue to grow its impact through the Global Internship Program.